A Note concerning the use of PianoRollLabelMaker

with Windows7

I have been unable to figure out how to have the LabelMaker program install with "Administrator Rights" under Windows7.  Essentially, this means the program will run, but you can not save any changed templates or even download new ones.

However, there is a way around it, but it does require a little bit of knowledge about Windows.

Basically, you need to locate the program file on your harddrive, right click on it, then select "Run as Administrator"

The program, by default, will install in the following location:
    c:/Program Files (x86)\Piano Roll Box Label Maker/RollBoxLabelMaker.exe
c:/Program Files\Piano Roll Box Label Maker/RollBoxLabelMaker.exe

If you are unable to find it in either of these locations, you can use the windows "Find Files and Folders" function... search for "RollBoxLabelMaker".